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Playfulness in Kink


Meet your dream...

Performer, radio host, luxury sex toy reviewer, party host, professional BDSM switch.

I'm a dominant with twelve years of BDSM experience, taught by some of the most respected educators, such as Midori and Cleo Du Bois. My ideal scene is one where I get to design every detail around your preferences, and show you my skill in reading your heart's desires.

As a bottom, I have a beginner's enthusiasm for pretty bruises and new sensations. I recently realized that my hidden superpower was taking the pain that I usually dish out! Seduce me with your thuddy, deep impact toys, and you'll see how much I love to please my tops!

The Mind of Alma

If you want to know what I dream about at night, what kind of play that turns me on, or inside information on how to please me--read on.

Start Your Journey

Want to make your fantasies come true? Let's set a scene, decide on our roles, wear something evocative, and play our parts. Live your wildest dreams with me as a co-con...
Made-to-Order Session with Alma
1 h



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